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A 600-year-old talking Shar-Pei, Lao-Shi's only companion and Jake's Animal Guardian.

In the 1970s, Fu was a womanizer and a petty thief, but after meeting Lao-Shi, he turned his life around.

The role was portrayed by Darcy Rose Byrnes as a child until 2008, when the character was rapidly aged to a teenager, with Hayley Erin assuming the role the following year.This is only place that you'll find accurate information about the episode synopsis, the stars, the guest stars, the writers as well as directors information.Which no site, besides Jeff Goode's site, tries to tackle onto Undressed's very complex episode guide.A hot, popular girl at school, Rose catches the attention of Jake immediately.However, there is more to this girl than meets the eye.

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Her African heritage includes roots in Barbados, as she twitted that she is “Mexican and Bajan” (Barbadian).

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