Updating netid byname callback timed out

I am trying to add the mail.aliases map to my Makefile on my NIS/YP server. I have added 'mail' to list of maps to build, and ensured that it is pointing to the correct aliases file (/etc/aliases). slave1 : RPC: Unknown host slave2 : RPC: Unknown host slave3 : RPC: Unknown host slave4 : RPC: Unknown host slave5 : RPC: Unknown host slave6 : RPC: Unknown host gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/var/yp/psc' It seems to work to slave7./var/yp/ypservers nismaster slave1 slave2 slave3 slave4 slave5 slave6 slave7 All of these hostname can be pinged from the nismaster and they are all in the hosts nismaps and /etc/hosts on the nismaster.

It works on Sun clients but not on the Redhad clients. thanks, Philip I'm using NIS under Su SE linux to publish services on the LAN. Apparently, the NIS lookup is doing some unsollicited byte order swap (htons). if port is 12AB and the services list do not include 12AB, it may return the service name for port AB12 instead of an error. Recently (the expected "but nothing has changed" really applies), I've noticed a flurry of entries to /var/log/messages on the ypslave telling me that ypprog_match refuses connections from various systems on my network: Apr 23 ypslave ypserv[19183]: refused connect from a.client:856 to procedure ypproc_match Further investigation (running ypserv in debug mode) suggests that the NIS hosts are furiously requesting data from the hosts.* map. hosts.domain.org: Callback timed out This is odd because the other names are updated correctly. Is there anything else I can elaborate upon to help you suggest pointers? -Michal I've tried several times to get NIS to allow me to update passwords from any of my machines and I still haven't gotten it to work.n BCC: 0 Type: 1608 Security Code: * TN: 1 Port: S00005 Coverage Path 1: COR: 1 Name: 1195 Coverage Path 2: COS: 1 Hunt-to Station: STATION OPTIONS Time of Day Lock Table: Loss Group: 19 Personalized Ringing Pattern: 3 Message Lamp Ext: 1195 Speakerphone: 2-way Mute Button Enabled? n Short/Prefixed Registration Allowed: default=========================================================display station 1195 Page 2 of 4 STATIONFEATURE OPTIONS LWC Reception: spe Auto Select Any Idle Appearance? n Conference Parties with Public Network Trunks: 6 Auto Hold? n Auto Reserve Agents: none CALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM REPORTING ADJUNCT RELEASE CMS (appl mis): IQ (appl ccr): ACD Login Identification Length: 0 BCMS/Vu Stats Login IDs? y====================================================================display system-parameters features Page 14 of 19 FEATURE-RELATED SYSTEM PARAMETERS REASON CODES Aux Work Reason Code Type: none Logout Reason Code Type: none Two-Digit Aux Work Reason Codes? n====================================================================display system-parameters features Page 17 of 19 FEATURE-RELATED SYSTEM PARAMETERSAUTOMATIC EXCLUSION PARAMETERS Automatic Exclusion by COS? y Display Language: english Survivable GK Node Name: Survivable COR: internal Media Complex Ext: Survivable Trunk Dest? n Conference Parties without Public Network Trunks: 6 Attendant Tone? n====================================================================display system-parameters features Page 11 of 19 FEATURE-RELATED SYSTEM PARAMETERSCALL CENTER SYSTEM PARAMETERS EAS Direct Agent Announcement Extension: Delay: VECTORING Converse First Data Delay: 0 Second Data Delay: 2 Converse Signaling Tone (msec): 100 Pause (msec): 70 Prompting Timeout (secs): 10 Reverse Star/Pound Digit For Collect Step? n SERVICE OBSERVING Service Observing: Warning Tone? n BCMS/Vu Stats Measurement Interval: hour BCMS/Vu Stats Abandon Call Timer (seconds): Validate BCMS/Vu Stats Login IDs? n REDIRECTION ON IP CONNECTIVITY FAILURE Switch Hook Query Response Timeout: IP Failure Aux Work Reason Code: 0====================================================================display system-parameters features Page 15 of 19 FEATURE-RELATED SYSTEM PARAMETERS FORCED AGENT LOGOUT/AUX PARAMETERS Maximum Time Agent in ACW before Logout (sec): ACW Forced Logout Reason Code: 0 Clock Time Forced Logout Reason Code: 0 Forced Agent Logout by Location Reason Code: 0 Forced Agent Logout by Skill Reason Code: 0 Forced Agent Aux Work by Location Reason Code: 0 Forced Agent Aux Work by Skill Reason Code: 0====================================================================display system-parameters features Page 16 of 19 FEATURE-RELATED SYSTEM PARAMETERSSPECIAL TONE Special Dial Tone? n Recall Rotary Digit: 2 Duration of Call Timer Display (seconds): 3WIRELESS PARAMETERS Radio Controllers with Download Server Permission (enter board location) 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: RUSSIAN MULTI-FREQUENCY PACKET SIGNALING Re-try? y Extended Group Call Pickup: none Enhanced Call Pickup Alerting? n Keep Bridged Information on Multiline Displays During Calls? If the above commands do not make it clear what your problem is, you might want to consult the NIS files.If a NIS server is doing something incorrect during map distribution, you should look at the /var/yp/Makefile on the NIS server.

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I have successfuly made a Redhat Linux Enterprise V3 client join a Sun Solaris NIS YP domain.

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