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It provides a mechanism for updating your version of the Java platform so that you always have the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE). There are four choices: Check this to use the browser default proxy settings. You have two choices here: Note: This panel is only available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and only for users with Administrative privileges.

And it allows you to set options for debugging, applet handling, etc. On Microsoft Windows, if both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Java are installed, this panel is not available.

However, you can run a browser on Windows to access a non-Windows server. These may result in deployment errors after restarting the servers. Defining extraction criteria for an indicator from such a variable may cause unexpected behavior and is not supported Bug ID: 22697862 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All While defining extraction criteria for an indicator or unique instance identifier based on a BPEL variable, usage of XPath functions is not supported. Workaround: None Refresh button does not work in Custom Dashboards Bug ID: 22811363 Added on: 21 March 2016 Platform: All When using custom dashboards, clicking Refresh Data does not refresh the custom dashboards. Workaround: On the Custom Dashboard pane, expand the filter area, edit any filter and click Apply. Input Box for Navigating through Pages in Instance List Page Does Not Work Bug ID: 22838669 Added on: 14 March 2016 Platform: All The input box to enter a page number for navigating through pages in the Instance List page does not work. Workaround: Use the other navigational controls like forward or backward to navigate through the pages.

Workaround: You must delete the following Library and applications manually from the Oracle Web Logic Administration Console and restart the Managed Server: Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight is not compatible with 12.1.3 version of Oracle HTTP Server. XPath functions can be used in defining extraction criteria for mapping targets other than BPEL variables. Workaround: NA Bug ID: 22644657 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All When mapping to throw/rethrow activities, only “On Entry” is supported. Workaround: None Links to the Related Topics in Help Content Do Not Work Bug ID: 22980040 Added on: 21 March 2016 Platform: All The links in the Related Topics section of each of the Help Topics do not work. Bug ID: 22465937 Added on: 9 March 2016 Platform: All When you navigate to the Reports tab in Insight, duplicate text and components are seen on the screen. Workaround: Click any of the reports available in the left panel to reload the page. Bug ID: 22817296 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All The summary of the criteria chosen by the user to generate the report may not match precisely what was actually chosen. Workaround: None Bug ID: 22858503 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All Not all of the content in the Milestone Dashboards like 'Passed Milestones', 'Active Instances', 'Instance Errors' and 'Avg Instance Completion Time' has been localized. Workaround: None Bug ID: 22697557 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All In the case of a bar or area chart (either milestone dashboards or custom dashboards) if only one data item is rendered (i.e.

Carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the This section lists all the known issues/limitations related to OS/Feature support. However, an additional patch will be provided shortly after the Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight product is announced. If they are not unique, it may cause an unexpected behavior.

Bug ID: 2292616079 Added on: 22 March 2016 Platform: Windows There is a problem with mapping to implementation and editing of imported models on a Windows machine if you are using Windows for server deployment. Bug ID: 22858099 Added on: 9 March 2016 Platform: All When you uninstall or roll back the Insight OPatch, the Insight related library and applications are left over. Workaround: None Oracle BPEL PM supports the use of variables with same names across multiple scopes.

If I import the certificate into the Trusted Publishers container, it imports correctly, but this does not solve my security errors. Thanks to the link posted by harrymc, I spent almost a day investigating this problem and figured out it was Windows Server 2008 default domain policy.It enables you to view an active deployment rule set, and to manage the exception site list.It allows you to set runtime parameters for applets that run with Java Plug-in and applications that run with Java Web Start.Instant Run currently is not compatible with the Jack compiler, so it is disabled for projects configured to use the Jack compiler until the fix is applied.(Using the Jack compiler is necessary only when using Java 8 language features.)Due to the file locking behavior of NTFS, on Windows the IDE will automatically copy the classes jars to another location before indexing, so that subsequent Gradle builds can clean and make changes to the build/ tree.

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