Tips for dating a pro athlete

Your date will be self-motivated, driven to improve his/her game. Despite the displays of bravado on game/competition day, athletes are teachable and coachable. Whether your date is on a team or just surrounded by coaches and trainers, your date understands the importance of teamwork. You, on the other hand, can beam with pride as you watch your date in his/her element. While everyone loves a cheerleader in his/her life, you can literally cheer on your partner.

To be successful, an athlete must be able to bounce back from disappointments and failures. Doctors’ significant others don’t get to watch them treat patients. Many people dream of participating in professional sports, very few do.

He also credits his “shoe game” and his “watch game” as the way into a woman’s, um, heart.

He guarantees: “I always get compliments from women on those when I’m out, and I feel like if I’m not in good shoes then girls are going to think I have a messy place as well. You can go anywhere from casual to a bit flashy, if you have a nice suit on.” Because women are attracted to taste, and who needs pick-up lines when you have accessories that can start a conversation?

Now imagine how a guy who is often mistaken for an NFL star's bodyguard would find a match in this crowd. But at the moment, the lineman is dancing with a pretty lady, who's very much into him. "Every athlete uses them to hook up, and if they say they haven't, they're lying."Some 80 other athletes interviewed for this story support the claim -- jocks of all sports and stripes are using social media to search for a Ms. "It's not like we need help, but social media makes women so accessible," says Washington receiver De Sean Jackson, who has used Instagram.

That said, charisma earns the hat-trick—which is cool, because Seguin (and his smirk) have that in spades.

He is confident (or, when nervous, “overconfident at first” before he “settles in”) and prefers calling to texting, which is the definition of chivalry in 2016.

” – or based on the assumption that athletes prefer athletes who share a common interest of high performance in sports.

More than 100 million people use social networking to find love - or lust. Take a look inside the world of digital dating for athletes, where options are plentiful but possible pitfalls are just one click away.

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