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Ben Spicer, managing director of Cornish Rock Tors, saw around ten barrel jellyfish while paddle-boarding in Port Gaverne Bay over the weekend.

A swarm of huge jellyfish has been spotted off the Cornwall coast raising fears that Britain could be in for an invasion of deadly Portuguese man o' war with tentacles as long as five London buses.

Barrel jellyfish are harmless but the sightings have led to fears that Portuguese man o'war will be following them towards our shores as the weather starts to warm up.

The terrors, with lethal tentacles reaching out an incredible 160ft (49 metres), lurk inches below the surface and just one sting can leave a swimmer in agony and even kill a small child.

Portuguese man o' war jellyfish usually live far out in the ocean, but with the recent hot spring weather, and the summer looming, there are worries that they are drifting towards UK holiday beaches.

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