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--- 🔸 What moment has been the most memorable so far? Siya Hegde, rising 3L, has spent her summer gaining real-life legal experience at the Southern Africa Litigation Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.--- 🔸 What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learned so far? Tag us with #UNCLaw or DM ..."Who here is planning to go to graduate or professional school?Section 4 refers to paragraph 4 of the Limitations on Gifts section of the Ethics Act - RCW (4).This section imposes more stringent limitations on gifts that can be received by officers and employees that are considered “Section 4” employees.

The 22-year-old Dodgers rookie phenom has been dating Melyssa Perez -- a pre-law student at the University of Texas (hook 'em), TMZ Sports has learned.

To determine if you are a Section 4 employee, you must ask yourself three questions: Did you participate in the regulatory or contractual matters with that person?

If yes, then you are considered a Section 4 employee and would fall under the more stringent rules regarding gifts found in RCW (4).

Rising 3L students Tyler Akers and Maggie Moon are serving at Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma...

For the past three and a half weeks, all 1L OU Law students participated in the 1L Moot Court Competition.

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