Late dating of the gospels

Are you looking for the general method as Jon describes or more specifics from internal clues of the books?For example, Luke shows an interest in this kind of events (he records them at X, Y, and Z).

The reason for the variations is that each author wrote to a different audience and from his own unique perspective.He first begins by outlining the assumptions on which the post-A. 70 dating hinges: Most critics date the writing of Mark around A. 70 because the Christian theology in it is quite developed and Jesus’ predictions of the destruction of Jerusalem (Mark 13) show that the event was at hand. The value of those arguments, however, hinges on certain assumptions: (1) With regard to Mark, the first argument assumes that “the Christian theology” was not in fact Jesus’ own.To say it is “developed” assumes that it was once “primitive.” Actually the argument cuts both ways: one could argue that because Mark was written early, the theology is not” developed,” but truly characteristic of what Jesus taught.Mark wrote to a Greek or Gentile audience to prove that Jesus is the Son of God.Therefore, he makes his case by focusing on the events of Christ's life.

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