Islam and dating by abdul malik

While the Pious Khalifahs used to live a very simple life, the Umayyad Khalifahs lived in castles and palaces.

The practice of drinking and gambling was re introduced in the society and a new era of worldly pleasures and comforts dawned on the empire of Islam.

His Linked In page says he’s held the chaplaincy for seven years and the religious diversity slot for nearly three.

From that day on till the fall of the Umayyad Caliphate 89 years later, all Khalifahs came from the House of Umayyah.As part of his policy to unify the various regions under Islamic rule, Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan (685-705CE) introduced the first Umayyad gold coins at a time of discord between the Umayyads and Byzantines over the merits of Islam and Christianity.The early coins were struck either in 691 or 692; the Byzantine emperor was angry and refused to accept the new Arab gold currency, renewing the war between the Arabs and the Byzantines.The advent of Islam also supports the usage of these coins as money.The standardized Islamic version is called Even after establishing the first Islamic state in CE 622, the Muslims did not institute a coinage of their own.

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