How to spot a player in the dating game

As much as the world changes, the above statement still holds true.These values have always existed and no matter what progression the world makes towards changing them, there are ingrained in our DNA.Before you decide to try online dating, you need to accept that there will be liars. The only difference with online dating is that you are voluntarily choosing to date those anonymous people. On online dating sites, people are more likely to lie because there is a huge amount of pressure to present the best version of yourself.The internet gives everybody the freedom to say whatever they want without being held accountable. As impressive as your life is, there will be someone nicer, smarter, more attractive and more successful than you on a dating site. In order to up their game, people tend to lie about their appearance, their careers, and their personalities. Some people lie because they can, and they won’t be held accountable for it. When you think someone is lying to you, the best you can do is ask.

There’s a huge possibility that they use that photo because it’s the only nice photo they have.

It’s highly likely that they no longer look like that, but they’re probably just insecure about the way they look now.

They’re still worth giving a chance, in my opinion.

It should be a mutual exchange of getting to know one another and not one sided.

Now you can easily spot the different players in the dating game.

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  1. So as a way to find they play games as a way to test that.....basically to test a guy in seeing if they truly are interested in them. One example I previously mentioned in the first paragraph, when a girl at a bar shows interest in you but then suddenly runs off to talk to other people and your wondering what the heck just happened, she is actually seeing if you will now come to chase her...see if you REALLY are interested in her.