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“Help me take a Snapchat video and I’ll jump,” she said Chow told her.

Surveillance video appears to show the two talking near the railing, and then Ruth reacting in horror as Chow leaps to his death.

FOX40 spoke with a witness who saw this take down happen, and she says she felt everything was wrong with the way the officer handled the situation.

Sacramento police are not identifying the officer involved in this video but they did say that he is on paid administrative leave until the internal investigation is finished.

Lasnik is uncuffed and placed in a holding cell as Magness shouts obscenities at Lasnik.

At one point, Lanik raises his hand in Magness’ face and the beating starts.

That is when police say for an unknown reason the officer threw down Cain and began punching him over and over. A supervisor responded to the scene and reviewed the police in car camera system and that is when the department decided to take a closer look into the officers actions.

According to prosecutors, Magness struck Lasnik seven times while on a bench in the holding cell.

He’s hit another five times after he’s dragged to the floor and handcuffed again.

Now internal investigations are reviewing what exactly happened Monday during the arrest. the officer gave a man witnesses say is Nandi Cain Jr.

several commands to stop for crossing the street unlawfully or jaywalking at the intersection of Cypress Street and Grand Avenue, Cain ignored.

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DENVER-A courtroom full of supporters wearing t-shirts that read, “QUEER AND TRANS LIVES R SACRED” and “SELF-DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME” was the location for the trial today of a Federal Heights teenager who was accused of “abusing a police officer.” On the evening of August 12, 2015 the teen was stopped by Federal Heights Police Officer Frank Turek as she was walking home.

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