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Women’s stories in the performance include Mary Elmes (1908-2002), a Cork woman who was the first Irish person honoured as ‘Righteous Among Nations’ for her work saving Jewish children from the Nazi gas chambers during World War II; Ettie Steinberg (1914-42) the only female Jewish Irish citizen known to have been murdered in Auschwitz; Marta Hillers (1911-2001) from Germany who wrote her autobiography Eine Frau in Berlin (A Woman in Berlin) under the name ‘Anonyma’ (Anonymous), detailing her experiences of the last days of WWII as she and over one million other women were raped and abused by Allied soldiers of the Red Army; Neus Català Pallejà (b.1915) from Spain, a member of the United Socialist Party of Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War, an active collaborator with the French Resistance during WWII and the only living Spanish survivor of Ravensbrück concentration camp for women; and Dolores Ibárruri, or La Pasionaria (1895-1989), from Spain, a revolutionary leader, political activist, Communist and crusader against Fascism during the Spanish Civil War who created the famous cry ‘They Shall Not Pass’.

DUBLIN-BASED MALE, EARLY 70s, seeks active female at least 5ft 6in in height, who wants to learn ballroom dancing to a very high level. But lessons, practice and social dancing would be involved. REPLY TO BOX NUMBER F1 MATURE CO WICKLOW LADY WLTM nice gent to share this coming summer. REPLY TO BOX F2 CO MEATH, KIND, SINCERE, ACTIVE, slim outgoing lady, 62, NS, SD, good appearance, enjoys current affairs, reading, walking/hiking, golf, travelling, theatre, concerts, dining out etc., WLTM sincere, NS gentleman of similar age and interests for friendship/relationship.The trial heard that the handbrake had been applied before the car entered the water and that the only open window was the driver’s.Herda has moved to appeal her conviction on a number of grounds broadly including the issue of recklessness; Whether or not the driving into the river was accidental or deliberate; If it was deliberate, whether “assault manslaughter” was still open to the jury; “Alleged confessions” and the judge’s charge to the jury with regard to circumstantial evidence.I have to own the fact that I'm not the average kind of 52 year old woman, and I am actually quite ok with that. I hate soaps, life has enough arguments without paying to see made up ones.I don't settle down every evening to a glass of wine. I love Walking bare foot on the grass, slow dancing, watching the sun set from a mountain top, watching my daughter grow in the amazing woman she is.

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