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Each envelope has a certain theme to help him along: sad, lonely, sick and always a funny one—the 'angry at me' stack."—txmom3071 A Song in Your Heart "I've made tapes of all the songs that reminded me of my boyfriend as well as songs that make me think of our relationship.

I even included some songs that we just had fun with on a road trip, even though they're not particularly romantic.

Just in case the mail is slow I know he'll have something new from me every day!

"—militarygals Cute and Cuddly for Him "Once, I sent my oldest teddy bear with a note saying 'It's for the lonely times. '"—txmom3071 A letter for every situation "I include letters in separate envelopes.

And it isn't a subconscious thing; a recent i Village poll found the majority of female respondents concurred with the findings.

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when it comes to dating a daddy's girl, men-in-the-know reckon you'd better be prepared for what's in store ... We've all heard of her: she's the gal who puts her father on a pedestal, refuses to date any other men that don't live up to her doting daddy and if the men she dates don't admire, praise, dote and lavish her constantly, they're dumped by the wayside for another poor gent that will succumb to her every whim.

typically spoiled and "bratty," snarls the Urban Dictionary when it comes to defining the archetypal daddy's girl.

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