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"Douchebag is also available on i Tunes for those without cable TV.Otherwise, tune in tomorrow night for its TV premiere on BET.Examples only count when the bet is a major part of the story, if not the whole reason for the plot.So if The Hero and The Rival have a bet on who will win the sports tournament they've entered, that doesn't count because winning the tournament is the objective, the wager just adds to the rivalry.Watch the trailer below, and, if you missed it, read my Sundance review of the film afterward.It was films like “Nothing But A Man,” “Love Jones” and “Love & Basketball” that made me fall in love with cinema.The company only had ,000 left in the bank at the time. Hinge built substantial buzz as an alternative to Tinder that promised less-random matches, and in 2014, Mc Leod made Business Insider's list of the coolest people in New York City tech (at No. We've learned that the fruit of Mc Leod's labor will likely be unveiled on September 21.Around December 2015, Mc Leod says he realized Hinge needed to radically reimagine itself.

And just maybe they'll end up learning that there are some things that are more important than winning the bet.It doesn't have to be the main characters who make the bet though, they could equally be the ones being bet on, so long as the bet is the reason for the plot.May be made by the Professional Gambler or The Gambling Addict, or be part of an Absurdly High-Stakes Game. A common Romance or Romantic Comedy version of The Bet is when a character is bet that they won't/can't win over/date/sex up a certain lady.Some people will do just about anything for a bet, so wagers are a great excuse to have characters do just about anything. Regardless of how crazy the challenge, and how disproportionate (or nonexistent) the reward, they will go to any lengths to win.Maybe they want to show up their rival or make a point or maybe they just want to win the reward.

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  1. Ages: Both 62 Years married: 35 Occupations: Part-time dental hygienist; Realtor How did you know he was the one? He didn't have a job, he wasn't a college grad and I was, but I saw his potential. He taught me that, too, though I am still not a hundred percent there yet. Choose your battles and understand that as you change, your mate also changes.