5 things to know about dating a journalist

We don’t take shit from anyone, so don’t lie to us or give a load of bullshit. Think about it: we live our lives writing about life. We have a strong, working knowledge of how the world works. We can delve into the intricacies of zoning laws, local and national politics, where to find the good restaurants, what’s happening with pop culture, where the good bands are playing and more. Guaranteed, when you say “towards,” we will automatically say “toward” — “towards” is not a word.

We spend all day separating fact from fiction, listening to PR cronies and dealing with slimy politicians. If you’re a part of our life, we’re going to write about you, your thoughts or a subject springing from one of the two. We’re not trying to call you dumb (even though you don’t understand the English language), it’s habit.

Understand, we’re paid to dig deep, find the secrets and wade through bullshit.

Not sure what friends with benefits actually are or want to learn more? Of course there are journalists like me who can and do want committed relationships!

There is an organized chaotic picture that comes into my head when I see the word “journalist” in my mind’s eye.

If you’re reading this article you’re probably a.) Dating a journalist, b.) Wanting to date a journalist or c.) You are a journalist and want to know what others think about dating you (and of course you want to know if this article holds true and factual for journalism and self validation purposes). For the benefit of definition (and adding more words to my word count), a journalist may either be doing one of the five types of journalism mainly: Investigative, News, Reviews, Columns or Feature Writing. A journalist (well at least for me) is a creative, intelligent and sexy person with sometimes crazy thoughts, feelings and idiosyncrasies.

Well of course we already know the literal meaning, but you’re probably wondering what “sort” of person a journalist is. First I would describe what comes at the top of my head when I hear the word JOURNALIST.

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If you make us do the same with you, you’re just gonna piss us off. We’ll respond with the vengeance of an Op-Ed page railing against society’s injustices — and we’ll enjoy doing it. We can handle it.2At some point, you will be a topic.

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